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We, The Indigenous-es of The World

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Translated by Öznur Karakaş

This web-site is created so as to be the grounds of an affective share. We wanted to call it, ‘the indigenous-es of the world’ because being an indigenous of the world is to produce a common knowledge claiming that life belongs to anyone and everyone both at the same time belonging to no one at all and acting accordingly. It is the experience of being a living being and the emergence of the desire to live in this world together with all other living beings. It is the constitutive action of our sociability against the oppression of the property and the division of world into classes, genders, nations. Against the governance of capital as today’s subject wherein exploitation and oppression sustains itself, it is life itself becoming resistance. Citing Marcos, ‘it is that rebel disobedience mocking with borders, customs and wars. Indigenousness of the world constitutes itself on the legitimacy of rebelling against all that imposes on us a restricted life by bio-political oppression. Indigenousness of the world acknowledges the fact that an insurgence emerged somewhere in the world does no longer belong to that geography, but instead becomes a means to constitute commonality of the earth against its masters. What constitutes the indigenousness of the world is the body of this commonality. It is daring to liberate our work, action and life-creating desire from the shackle of capital; from being the nation or people of states.

This, being the ground on which we wish to make our connections within those already existing in the network and bond to numerous resistances pertaining to the multitude, does not give credit neither to the idea of “I” nor “Us” as majority. We believe that concepts derived either from “I” or the majority as the conglomerate of “I’s” cannot be the body of the desire of life flowing towards joy. Pluralist conceptualizations framed as a fixed, restrained mode of the body makes us rigid subjects established by fixed emotions, spaces and ideas. Nevertheless, nothing is composed of a poem of unities. We are singularities of a body that is re-constituted and thusly dispersed each and every instant as a response to each singular situation. In each encounter, we confront multiple factors comprehending this very encounter. Citing Ulus Baker, understanding cannot solely be that which comes to our mind as thought. Generally, it is not even possible to understand this way. Therefore understanding is comprised of virtual convergences of eventualities and situations emerging out of the intersections of our body with respect to their own time and power.

The editor-in-chief of this web-site is the creative and constitutive flow of life. Residents of this web-site are those who dare to stay away from all powers focusing us to the target; not accepting any “mistake” and correcting them all as well as those who do not fall in love with the power so as to create a life experienced through the co-existence of “mistakes” of all, rather than the ideological unity of “truths.” The objective of this web-site is to liberate utopia from the state, from the perfection of the whole and perfectly constituted “technical institutionalizations” so as to transform it into the action of the multitude and embody it as an actuality that will rip negative off life.

Therefore, we are NOT ecologist, pro-feminist, Marxist, Kurdish, Anarchist, Vegan, Feminist, Communist or Atheist in terms formatted by the defenders of doctrinaire, programmatic objectives. Against all those above-mentioned forms yet to be multiplied, we are the very insolence and power to rip negative off life. However and thusly we are Feminists, Marxists, Anarchists, Ecologists, Kurdish, Homosexuals, Women, Men, Transsexuals, Vegans, Atheists. Our objective is as follows: we are no one, but everyone. We are the indigenous-es of the world.